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Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society Limited





Kenn Banks

JoAsh Proctor

Steve Donahue

Aileen Smith

Don Mitchell



            Graham Crabtree

            Bob Conrich


1. Commencement: The meeting began at 4:30 pm. 


2. Agenda: The following Agenda was adopted:



1.         Adoption of Agenda

2.         Adoption of the Minutes of 4 November 2008

3.         Matters Arising

4.         Correspondence

5.         New Business

6.         Any Other Business

7.         Adjournment


3. Adoption of Minutes of 4 November 2008

The Board Minutes of 4 November 2008 were unanimously adopted. 

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes of 4 November 2008

The following matters arising were dealt with, and the person responsible for follow up action indicated:



(a).  Old Cotton Gin Factory Aileen reported that Scott has not yet had any discussion with Hubert about the use of his part of the old factory equipment.  She will follow through.


(b).  Canon Canning's Slides Don will draft a letter for President Kenn to sign.


(c).  Christmas Cards Steve reported that a couple of hundred had sold.  He and Aileen will wrap packets of one dozen for sale for US$15 at the Christmas fair. 


(d).  Christmas Fair - Steve is looking for the prints.  The remainder of the T-shirts are available for the Christmas fair.


(e).  Archives Building Kenn reported that he had written to David Carty on 11 November.  The Speaker had advised him that one of the two rooms will be devoted to the storage of the old files presently stored there, and the other will be a Committee room for the House of Assembly.  He will be happy to have members of the Society work with the Judicial Department in sorting out and filing the Archives.  Don an dSteve will be a sub-committee to work on this and to report to next meeting.


(f).  ANT building There was a discussion on the report that work is being done on using part of the ANT building for the Speaker's Energy Committee.


(g).  AMR money Kenn reported that he has spokent to Carl Harrigan, PS Finance, who was to get back to him on the amount and status of the funds, but that he had not done so.


(h).  Awards No further progress.

































5.  Correspondence - None


6.  New Business -

(a).  Original Medallions:  Members discussed the advertisement that had appeared on eBay.  Steve agreed to ask John Crock and Bob Conrich to follow through with the procedure they had previously followed when another original medallion had been offered for sale and which had been returned to Anguilla by the FBI.

(b).  ANT Tour of Fountain Cavern:  Steve reported on the tour which Don had done on the previous Saturday.  He and JoAsh reported they had enjoyed participating.









7.  Any Other Business - None


8. Date of next meeting and adjournment

(a) Next Board Meeting to be on Tuesday 6 January at 4:15 pm at the same place. 

(b) The meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm





Submitted: Don Mitchell CBE QC


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