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Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society Limited





Kenn Banks President

Steve Donahue Treasurer

Larry Stott Member

Aileen Smith Vice President

Don Mitchell Secretary



Joash Proctor Member

Jan Liebars Co-opted

Bob Conrich Co-opted


1. Commencement: The meeting began at 4:25 pm.


2. Agenda: The following Agenda was adopted:



1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Adoption of the Minutes of 6 July 2010

3. Approval of draft AGM Minutes of 18 August 2010

3. Matters Arising

4. Correspondence

5. New Business

6. Any Other Business

7. Adjournment


3. Adoption of Board Minutes: The draft Minutes of the meeting of 6 July as previously circulated were adopted.


4. Approval of draft AGM Minutes: The draft Minutes of the meeting of 18 August as previously circulated were approved with amendments. The Secretary to circulate the approved version to all members.


5. Matters Arising from Minutes

(a) AGM: It was agreed that the AGM had been a success and that John Crock's presentation had been interesting and useful. The Treasurer will remind Dr Crock that he was to send his slide presentation with captions to put up on the website.

(b) Heritage Trail: There was a general discussion on the latest developments including the new office at Wallblake House, but no decisions were taken.

(c) Department of the Environment: Don reported on his abortive efforts to cooperate with the Department on providing artefacts from the collection of the Society stored in the NBA bank safety deposit box for the Wallblake House exhibition. Steve reported that he had taken some of the artefacts from storage at the Trust to lend to the Exhibition. He had been satisfied with the security measures in place.









6. New Business

The following matters were dealt with, and the person responsible for follow up action indicated:

(a) Artefacts: Steve suggested that the exhibits stored in the back of the offices of the Anguilla National Trust be stored in a container to be acquired jointly by the Trust and the Society. The office space was needed and more storeroom needed to be created for both institutions. It was agreed that he should explore the possibilities with the Executive Director of the Trust.


(b) Safety Deposit Box: There was a discussion on steps taken to date to change the ownership of the box from the Trust to the Society. We are awaiting a letter from Farah addressed to the Bank to be able to make the change. Meanwhile Members of the Board signed the contract and the resolution needed by the Bank. Don will continue working on it.











7. Correspondence None.


8. Any Other Business No other business


9. Date of next meeting and adjournment

(a) Next Board Meeting to be on Tuesday 7 December at 4:15 pm at the same place.

(b) The meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm


Submitted: Don Mitchell CBE QC



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