Anguilla Archeological and Historical Society Limited




Kenn Banks

Bob Conrich

Steve Donahue

Graham Crabtree

Don Mitchell

JoAsh Proctor

Aileen Smith


1. The meeting began at 12:05 pm. 


2. The following Agenda was adopted:




1.         Review of AGM of 25 March 2008


2.         Review of files in possession of members


3.         Reorganisation of the Company


4.         Discussion on plans forward


5.         Review of relationship with ANT


5.         Election of Officers

1. Review of AGM

The AGM held on 23 March was discussed.  It was agreed that it had been quite satisfactory in the circumstances.

2. Review of files in the possession of members

Members discussed the need to reconstitute files of the past business of the company with a view to establishing the institutional memory for the guidance of the new Board.  Mr Donahue produced a package of files he had received from Linda Lake. Mr Banks undertook to search for his private files at his house and to produce them at the next meeting.  Mr Crabtree indicated that he had receive several correspondence files from Intertrust, and would do the same.  Mrs Smith undertook to research the Museum company and to produce what files she could find.

3. Reorganisation of the Company

(a) Mr Crabtree reported that he needed the names of the directors who had been elected in the years since the last Annual Return had been filed.  He needed to know whether he could repeat the old list of directors, or whether, for example, the Bank signature cards showed different names.

(b) Mr Donahue reported that NBA was searching for the signature cards and when he got them he would communicate by email with the Board. 

(c) It was agreed that, provided the Bank signature cards did not show a new Board having been elected in the interim, Mr Crabtree should file the missing Annual Returns showing the 1995 directors repeated each year up to the elections in 2008. 

(d) It was also agreed that CEG Ltd was confirmed as the Registered Agent/office of the company.  CEG Ltd was authorised to file the Articles of Revival of the company.

4. Discussion on plans for the way forward

The following projects/plans were discussed:

(a) Christmas cards to be printed for sale prior to this Christmas as a fundraiser

Mrs Smith agreed to come up with two designs.  Mr Donahue indicated he had left-over card stock.  Mrs Smith will discuss with Mitsu arrangements for printing.

(b) Membership drive

Mr Donahue will email members a proposal for membership extension for discussion by email and at the next meeting.

(c) Historic Signs

Mrs Smith reported that there was an existing project to erect 10 signs at historic places.  She will ask Violet Berry to write up a proposal/report for the Board.

(d) Booklet of historic articles for sale for fundraising

Mrs Smith advised that she had access to a collection of material and would report back to the Board with a proposal.

(e) Next General Meeting

It was agreed that the next general meeting should be held in June when Lilli Grout is here.  She has offered to speak and can be asked to be our guest speaker.

5. Review of relations with ANT

(a) There was a general discussion on the history of the relationship between the ANT and the Society.  Mr Banks undertook to research the title to the old Customs Building.

(b) Mr Donahue advised that he was the only surviving member from the company on the Council of the ANT.  His appointment was in 2005 and lasts for five years.  La Tasha Roberts was the second nominee, but she has resigned.  JoAsh Proctor had been selected to take her place, but he had a problem with the Council and had not taken up his appointment.  Further consideration was deferred to next meeting.

6. Election of officers

The following officers were agreed:

President                     Kenn Banks

Vice President             Aileen Smith

Treasurer                    Steve Donahue

Secretary                    Don Mitchell

Members                     Bob Conrich and JoAsh Proctor

The officers signed the bank mandate forms so that Mr Donahue could update the records at NBA

Mr Donahue was authorised to pay any outstanding bills.

7. Any Other Business

There was no other business.

8. Date of next meeting and adjournment

(a) It was agreed that future Board meetings should generally be at Mr Proctor’s office at the Cannonball Building on the 1st Tuesday in every month at 4:30 pm.  The next meeting would be on the last Tuesday in April, 29 April. 

(b) The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm





Submitted: Don Mitchell CBE QC