Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society Limited




Kenn Banks

Bob Conrich

Steve Donahue

Graham Crabtree

Don Mitchell

JoAsh Proctor

Aileen Smith



Graham Crabtree

Bob Conrich


1. Commencement: The meeting began at 4:15 pm.


2. Agenda: The following Agenda was adopted:



1.†††††††† Commencement

2.†††††††† Adoption of Agenda

3.†††††††† Adoption of the Minutes of 4 June 2008

4.†††††††† Matters Arising

5.†††††††† Correspondence

6.†††††††† New Business

7.†††††††† Any Other Business

8.†††††††† Adjournment


3. Adoption of Minutes of 4 June 2008

The draft minutes as previously circulated were unanimously adopted.

4. Matters Arising

†††† 4.2(ii) Reinstatement

Aileen reported that she had spoken to the Registrar of Companies who had agreed to waive some of the registration fee.Don reported that Grahamís office had confirmed that the company had been fully restored to the Register.Graham to report in due course.

†††† 4.2(iii) Christmas cards

Kenn delivered a CD of different previous Christmas cards of the Society to Steve.It was agreed that the Society reprint the Old Court House card.Steve will have a mock-up done and email it to Ken and Aileen for their final decision on printing.

†††† 4.2(iv) Membership drive

Steve reported that he had sent out the membership forms to all Board members for them to send to their email contacts.He had also placed a copy in each PO Box.He had received 16 replies, all from overseas.Members to report at the next Board meeting on progress with registering new members

†††† 4.2.(v) Historic Signs

Don reported that he had circulated all the historical documentation he could find on some of the sites.Kenn pointed out that there was information on several of the other sites in a booklet published by ANT.He would seek a copy.Meanwhile, other Board members would see what information they had on the various sites.Don also circulated a list of the various 18th century estates of Anguilla so that members could consider whether there was anything useful that could be added to the list of Historic Signs.

†††† 4.2(vi) Booklet

Aileen reported that her husband was to visit the USA in August and that he would bring back to Anguilla the material that is in her daughter, Adeleís, possession

†††† 4.2(vii)Lilli Groutís visit

Bob reported that the visit had come off successfully.She had got a lot of information for her thesis.Don and Bob had gone with her to examine the medals from El Buen Consejo kept in the vault at the Police Station.Bob agreed to ask her to write up a short trip report for us that the Board could circulate to members for their interest.

†††† 4.2(viii) Representative to ANT

Ken undertook to print and deliver to the ANT office a letter informing the Council that Bob is the second representative of the Society to the Council.

†††† (a) James C Gumbs of 6 May 2008





































5. Correspondence

(a) Letter from James C Gumbs of 6 May 2008 noted.

6. New Business

(a) Museum Company

Aileen reported that she had discovered the Crocus Hill Museum Corporation was registered at Courtney Abelís On-Island (Anguilla) Corporate Services Ltd.Courtney had promised that he would restore the company, and the Registrar has agreed to waive some of the costs.She delivered to the Secretary a print-out of the dissolution report from the Registry of Companies.She had discovered that there was a savings account at CCB with a balance of EC$495.29.†† Don undertook to check at the Land Registry and to obtain a copy of the lease of the proposed museum premises presently being used by the ANT as its offices.








(b) AMR Law-suit

Bob reported that he had done a search at the Court House and had found that the last filing in the case had occurred some four years ago.Webster, Dyrud, Mitchell appear for Leader Bryan and Keithley Lake & Associates for AMR.There appeared to be an application by KLA to be removed as solicitor for AMR.It was agreed to keep an eye on future developments.


(c) Cap Juluca Project

This refers to a possible rescue archaeology project that may need to be mounted when new construction starts.Kenn reported that it had been stated that there would be no construction for the next three years, only upgrading of the existing villas.It was agreed that it would be useful to have a meeting with the new owner.Kenn undertook to arrange such a meeting.Bob will ask John Crock if he as a site map or field notes relating to the site.






(d) Victoria Stapels-Johnson

This is the translator of the El Buen Consejo documents who worked with AMR.Aileen reported that AMR had given her copies of all the translations.Bob had also obtained copies from Ms Stapels-Johnson for the Society.Bob will write her a letter of thanks on our behalf.


(e) NBA Safe Deposit Box

Steve reported that he had examined the contents of the box.It is the largest box in the bank.The bank supplies it to the Society without charge.There is an inventory list of the contents of the box in the offices of the Trust, but the Society has none.Farah for the Trust and Kareem for the Society are the signatories.The box is held in the name of the Trust.Kenn will take the bank a resolution or bank mandate form changing the Societyís signature to himself.Steve undertook to obtain a copy of the inventory for the Society.






(f) ANT Retreat

Steve reported that the Trust had planned a retreat for the third weekend in August.He suggested that it might be a good idea for us to apply to join in the retreat so that we could improve coordination with the Trust.He undertook to circulate information on the retreat to members.





(g) New Environmental Legislation

Kenn reported that he had applied to the Trust for copies, but that Kareem Hodge, who is now Director of Environment, had indicated that the draft Bills were not yet available for public comment.




7. Any Other Business

(a) Report from Treasurer

Steve undertook to have a report ready for next meeting

(b) Circulating Minutes

Don recommended that all Board minutes be circulated to members of the Society who have supplied an email address.It will cost nothing, and will serve to keep members informed of the activities of the Society.This was agreed.Don will send out a copy of these minutes and all others thereafter.







8. Date of next meeting and adjournment

(a) Next Board Meeting to be on Tuesday 29 July at 4:15 pm at the same place.

(b) The meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm





Submitted: Don Mitchell CBE QC