Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society Limited





Kenn Banks

Bob Conrich

Graham Crabtree

JoAsh Proctor

Steve Donahue

Aileen Smith

Don Mitchell



1. Commencement: The meeting began at 4:30 pm.


2. Agenda: The following Agenda was adopted:



1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Adoption of the Minutes of 7 October 2008

3. Matters Arising

4. Correspondence

5. New Business

6. Any Other Business

7. Adjournment


3. Adoption of Minutes of 7 October 2008

The Board Minutes of 7 October 2008 were unanimously adopted.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes of 7 October 2008

The following matters arising were dealt with, and the person responsible for follow up action indicated:



(a). Old Cotton Gin Factory Aileen will resend Scott's last letter.


(b). NBA Safety Deposit Box Treasurer Steve reported that he had circulated the Inventory to members by email.


(c). Canon Canning's Slides Don undertook to contract Governor Godden.











5. Correspondence - None


6. New Business -

(a). Sale of Christmas Cards: It was agreed that Steve should place an ad in The Anguillian. Don will email a reminder to all law offices.

(b) Archives Building: Ken will write a letter to David Carty and Mr Wattley, sending a draft to members.

(c) ANT Building: Members discussed a proposal by the national energy committee to use part of the Anguilla National Trust building as offices for the Energy Committee, and agreed that it was objectionable.

(d) Old Customs Building at Forest Bay: There was a discussion on whether it had any historical value. It was agreed to explore the subject further.

(e) Customs Duties: The ANT has confirmed that they have customs exemption and if the Society desired to bring into Anguilla any customable equipment for the use of the Society we might be able to make an arrangement with the Trust, subject to approval by the Council.

(f) Governor's Christmas Fair: Aileen reported that there were 42 T-shirts in inventory at the Sandy Hill fort that might be sold. There are also the Christmas Cards that we had had printed recently. Steve advised that there were some copies of the print of the Wallblake House stored at Wallblake. It was agreed that members would approach other organsiations that would be renting a stall at the Fair with a view to having them sell the above items for us in exchange either for a part of the table fee or on a commission basis.

(g) AMR money at Treasury. Kenn will ask Carl Harrigan to report on the balance of the funds which we believe amount to US$25,000, and which had been given to government by AMR earmarked for museum use.

(g) Awards: It was agreed that Rendezvous Bay Hotel should be given an award at the next general meeting for the contribution they had made to the archaeological research efforts during the last year.



































7. Any Other Business - None


8. Date of next meeting and adjournment

(a) Next Board Meeting to be on Tuesday 2 December at 4:15 pm at the same place.

(b) The meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm





Submitted: Don Mitchell CBE QC