Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society Limited





Kenn Banks               President

Aileen Smith               Vice President

Steve Donahue          Treasurer

Don Mitchell               Secretary

Joash Proctor

Bob Conrich

Carol Richardson       (Invited)


1. Commencement: The meeting began at 4:25 pm. 


2. Agenda: The following Agenda was adopted:



1.         Adoption of Agenda

2.         Adoption of the Board Minutes of 9 June 2009

3.         Matters Arising

4.         Correspondence

5.         New Business

6.         Any Other Business

7.         Adjournment


3. Adoption of the Board Minutes of 9 June 2009

The Board Minutes as previously circulated by email were unanimously adopted. 

4. Matters Arising

The following matters arising were dealt with, and the person responsible for follow up action indicated:

(a).  Canon Canning's Slides – President Ken reported that he had mailed the letter previously circulated by the secretary.  He is awaiting a response from Gov Godden. 


(b).  Archives Building – Bob reported that he had not been able to get David Carty to commit to a day for the Board to visit the archives building.  Secretary Don undertook to arrange with Stella Richardson, the Clerk to the House of Assembly, for members of the Board to visit the archives room to inspect the contents. 


(c).  AMR money – Nothing new.  President Kenn to follow up with Kathleen Rogers.


(d). Original Medallions – President Kenn reported that Kareem had assured him that the returned medallions were with the police.  The FBI are continuing investigations with a view to prosecution.


(e). 2009 AGM – Don reported that he had spoken to Bob and he had confiremd that he was happy to give his consent in writing for the Society to be able to publish and to use his speech.  Mr Rogers has sight problems and it has been agreed that his son Carlyle would review the draft agreement prepard by Jan.  He has not yet confirmed that the draft is acceptable.  Secretary Don to follow up.


(f). Antiquities Act:  Wall Blake House:  There was a discussion on the need to familiarise ourselves with the new Acts.  Secretary Don and Joash Proctor agreed to contact Dawn Richardson of the A-G's Chambers to see if she could let us have digital copies of the three new Acts.


(g). Annual Returns:  Secretary Don reported that Mervyn of Graham Crabtree's office had filed the Notice of Change of Directors and there was no need to file a new Annual Return until the anniversary date next year.


(h). Historical Tours:  Aileen would look at her files and prepare a plan for going forward for discussion at the next meeting.


(i). Website:  Members discussed the improvements to the website and congratulations were extended to Jan and Steve.  A collection of Don's articles under the heading “Anguilla from the Archives” and a series of articles and photographs prepared by Lilli on the University of Southampton Marine Survey project have gone up.  Bob Conrich lent Kenn a stack of old photographs to look at with a view to deciding if some of them ought to go on the website.


(j). Lydia Gumbs Memorial Award:  Steve is still working with Nat Hodge on linking to the article in the Anguillian.  He confirmed that he did not need permission from Nat to do this.


(k) University of Southampton visit:  Bob brought up several items under this heading, and the following decisions were made:


     (i) Stever reported that the project seemed to be going well.  Lilli had produced an illustrated report on the first week which he had emailed to all members and put up on the website.


     (ii) Fundraising to cover dive expenses.  Members discussed the problems that Lilli was having in raising funds.  Kenn reported that the Governor had promised to sign the approval for an a grant of US$1,000.  He will follow up.


     (iii) Summer placement for schoolchildren.  Joash had agreed to speak to Anita Ruan about the possibility of student participation.  This is still in process.


     (iv) Use of Fisheries boat.  President Ken confirmed that the Fisheries boat and captain had been working with Lilli and her team.  Lilli had also arranged additional boats through Steve and Jackie Ruan of Ripples.  No further action was needed.


     (v) Dive tanks.  Treasurer Steve reported that he had arranged for an adequate number of tanks and weights to be provided to the team.  No further action was needed. 


     (vi) Rusting cannon.  Steve reported that Lilli had found the remains of two rusting cannon removed from the sea and erected at the Elickson's house at West End.  Don reported that he had been recently to Colville's Heritage Museum and that Colville had shown him two old cannon newly removed from the sea and repainged and erected in the museum grounds.  Steve reported that Matthew Billlington of Shoal Bay Divers had expressed an interest in having old cannon located at Shoal Bay Marine Park as part of an underwater trail for skin divers.  Bob agreed to ask Lilli to do a short article on the importance of not removing cannon from the sea, illustrated by photographs of the much deteriorated cannon at the Elickson house.  Members to speak to Petty about the possibility of donating the cannon to the Shoal Bay Marine Park in order to preserve them from further deterioration.


(l) Alfred Webster archives:  Aileen reported that Louvan had told her that his father had left a chest of old stuff which he wanted someone to look at to determine if it was of historical value.  Joash mentioned that some of it was being exhibited at the Post Office.  Aileen will make an appointment with Louvan and circulate members by email.


(m) Dues:  Steve reported that he had seven or eight new members. Several old members had not responded by paying their annual dues.  Secretary Don to send out membership cards.


(n) Arthur M Allan archives:  President Kenn to contact Gifford to find out what exactly he had.


(o) Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: The draft press release was approved but it was agreed that it was too long and needed to be shortened for the radio.  The long version could do for the press.  Kenn will revise the version for the radio and will send the longer version to the press.  President Kenn having left the meeting early, this item deferred for next meeting.


(p) Cadet Corps guns:  Don to follow through with Nevil Hamilton and report to members by email.









































































































5.  Correspondence – None.


6.  New Business – Carol Richardson said she had two items she wanted to bring up.  They were:

     (i) Ogees Hodge.  He had been an artist in The Valley who had left a number of murals and paintings that were now becoming damaged and fast disappearing.  She knew of some murals that had beenpainted over.  She thought it was important to preserve them at least photographically.  Treasurer Steve offered to arrange a professional photographer to liaise with Carol on recording the murals and paintings photographically.

     (ii) The Old Court House.  Carol expressed concern about the deteriorating condition, the garbage around the premises, the trees growing out of the foundations, and the old Aqua Design container lying in the grounds.  Kenn offered to make enquiries as to why the container was still in that location.  Kenn also reported that Lelia Richardson's family was holding a family reunion shortly and had expressed an interest in making the clean up of the site a project for the family.  He would enquire from her what the status of the project was, and report back to members.



















7.  Any Other Business – No other business


8. Date of next meeting and adjournment

(a) Next Board Meeting to be on Tuesday 11 August at 4:15 pm at the same place. 

(b) The meeting adjourned at 6:05 pm





Submitted: Don Mitchell CBE QC