Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society Limited





Steve Donahue Treasurer (Acting Chairman)

Joash Proctor

Bob Conrich

Jan Liebars Invited

Lillian Azevedo Invited

Don Mitchell Secretary



Kenn Banks President

Aileen Smith Vice President


1. Commencement: The meeting began at 4:15 pm.


2. Agenda: The following Agenda was adopted:



1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Adoption of the Minutes of 7 July and of 11 August 2009

3. Matters Arising

4. Correspondence

5. New Business

6. Any Other Business

7. Adjournment


3. Adoption of Minutes: The Minutes of 7 July and 11 August 2009 were adopted unanimously.


4. Matters Arising from Minutes of 7 July 2009

The following matters arising were dealt with, and the person responsible for follow up action indicated:

(a). Canon Canning's Slides President Ken reported that he had mailed the letter previously circulated by the secretary. He is awaiting a response from Gov Godden.


(b). Archives Building Bob and Don reported on their visit to the Archives and described conditions they found there. The archival documents appear to be safely stored. It was agreed to continue to push the PS Social Development to consider the state of the Archives.


(c). AMR money Nothing new to report. President Kenn to follow up with Kathleen Rogers.


(d). Original Medallions Nothing new.


(e). 2009 AGM Don to print the agreement and arrange for Bob Rogers to sign it.


(f). New Environmental Acts: Joash reported that he had been advised that the new Acts are not yet brought into force, and the old Acts still apply. There was a discussion on the absence of any apparent department or public officer responsible for monitoring the marine parks.


(g). Historical Tours: Awaiting Aileen.


(h). Alfred Webster archives: After discussion it was agreed that the Treasurer should in consultation with Jan purchase a case of archival quality boxes some of which could be used by Louvan Webster to store the papers relating to the Revolution and the remainder could be used in the Archives room.


(i). Website: Members expressed delight that the website continued to be active.


(j). Dues: Secretary Don reported that he had posted membership cards.


(k). Arthur M Allan archives: Awaiting update from President Kenn.


(l). Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: Kenn to report on the publication of the press releases.


(m). Cadet Corps guns: Joash, Jan, Lillian and Don to visit the rifles and to report back.


(n). Ogees Hodge' murals: There was a general discussion on the ongoing effort to photograph the murals and paintings.


(o) Old Court House: There was a discussion on the need for an article to be published on the website on the clean-up done by the Richardson family.

















































5. Minutes of the Meeting of 11 August:

The following matters arising were dealt with, and the person responsible for follow up action indicated:


(a). Lillian's Project: (i). Lillian reported that she had residence approval for the second 6 months. She will follow up with Foster Rogers on the matter of signing the agreement.


(ii) Follow up activities: She also reported that she had performed a number of activities subsequent to the Marine Survey as follows:

(i) AL-H CS Campus B talk to children

(ii) Blowing Point Youth Center talk to children


(iv) Rotary Club meetings on July 2 and 9

(v) July 25 . . .

(vi) July 26 . . .

(vii) Public presentation at the Teachers' Resource Centre on 28 July

(viii) Kids Connect Summer Camp on 11 August

(ix) 17 August . . .

(x) Articles in newspaper on 21 and 28 August


(iii). Government SUV: There was a discussion on the inadvisability of her continued use of the government SUV.


(iv) Dog Island Wreck: Lillian spoke to three different ideas she had for future exploration of the site.


(v) El Buen Consejo. It was agreed that the Society ought to become involved in revisiting the site to determine, if possible, what damage had been done in the years since the AMR contract and the last survey.


(b) Stolen artifacts issue: There was a discussion on the continuing investigation into the stealing of artifacts from the El Buen Consejo national park.






























5. Correspondence None.


6. New Business

(a) Newspaper article: Lillian read out an article she had drafted dealing with 'heritage trails'. It was agreed that the article be published with the support of the Society in The Anguillian.

(b) Salvage archaeology: Bob brought up the issue of the possibility of the topsoil from the site government proposes to use to extend the airport containing Amerindian artifacts. Lilli volunteered to have a look at the fill when it is excavated to determine whether there is anything of interest.











7. Any Other Business No other business


8. Date of next meeting and adjournment

(a) Next Board Meeting to be on Tuesday 6 October at 4:15 pm at the same place.

(b) The meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm




Submitted: Don Mitchell CBE QC