Anguilla Archaeological and Historical Society Limited





Kenn Banks               President

Aileen Smith               Vice President

Steve Donahue          Treasurer

Joash Proctor

Jan Liebars                 Invited

Don Mitchell               Secretary



Bob Conrich              


1. Commencement: The meeting began at 4:30 pm with Vice President Aileen in the chair in the absence of President Ken who had indicated that he was delayed at another meeting and would be late.


2. Agenda: The following Agenda was adopted unanimously



1.         Adoption of Agenda

2.         Adoption of the Minutes of 6 October 2009

3.         Matters Arising

4.         Correspondence

5.         New Business

6.         Any Other Business

7.         Adjournment


3. Adoption of Minutes:  The Minutes of 6 October 2009 were adopted unanimously.


4. Matters Arising

The following matters arising were dealt with, and the person responsible for follow up action indicated:

(a).  Canon Canning's Slides – President Kenn has not heard from Gov Godden, and will write him again.


(b).  Archives – Jan reminded members that Bob had forwarded a number of messages on grants that are available for archival development.  He had also forwarded them to PS Chanelle Petty-Barrett who had acknowledged receiving them.  Bob is awaiting a meeting with the PS.  There followed a general discussion on the state of the Anguilla archives.  It was regretted that there was no consciousness of the importance of archives in any government department in Anguilla.  No action was agreed on.


(c).  AMR money –President Kenn reported that had had met with Accountant General Kathleen Rogers and Michael Faligant of AMR and it had been confirmed that the cheque had been dated 1996.  Mr Faligant is to produce a copy of the cheque for the Accountant General who will confirm that the funds are held in an “under the line account” for museum development.


(d).  Original Medallions – Nothing to report.


(e).  2009 AGM – There was a general discussion on the status or lack thereof of the recording of Mr Rogers' speech to the AGM.  No decision was made.


(f).  New Environmental Acts:  No further development.


(g).  Historical Tours: No further development. 


(h).  Alfred Webster archives:  Jan reported that the storage boxes are on the way.


(i). Website:  Jan reported that he had done some tidying up of the site.  It was agreed that Don would look at the political and constitutional history of Anguilla that he had written for the 2006 introduction to the Report of the Constitutional and Electoral Reform Commission with a view to making any necessary updates and that Jan would post it to the website.


(j). Dues:  No action.


(k). Arthur M Allan archives:  Kenn reported that Gifford Connor was proving difficult to nail down.  He will keep trying.


(l). Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: It was confirmed that Lilli had published in one of her articles in The Anguillian the decision of the Society to adopt the principles and procedures of the Convention as best practice.  No further action was necessary.


(m). Cadet Corps guns:  Joash and Jan agreed to visit the rifles and to report back.


(n). Ogees Hodge' murals: No action.  The photographers return to Anguilla in November.


(o) Old Court House:  Jan reported that he had published the article and additional photographs on the website.  No further action necessary.


(p) Heritage Trail:  Steve and Aileen spoke about a meeting that Lilli had organised on 8 October at the Tourism Board conference room to present her concept.  Present had been representatives of the Board, the Anguilla National Trust, the Hotel and Tourism Association, and the Society.  The concept had been enthusiastically received by all those present. 


A copy of Lilli's report on this meeting had been previously circulated by her by email and forms Schedule 1 to these minutes. 


A copy of her draft plan of 31 October previously circulated by email to members of the Board is found at Schedule 2. 


After discussion, it was agreed that Lilli should be allowed to run with the project, reporting to the Board from time to time on progress.  It was also agreed that Kenn would write a letter of thanks to the Governor for his having approved funding for the proposed budget.  It was also agreed that Steve and Bob should ask the ANT to involve the Environmental Club of the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School in the project in order to ensure continuity after Lilli leaves. 










































































5.  Correspondence – None.


6.  New Business

(q). Adopting a Cause:  Joash brought up the idea of the need for the Society to have some focus.  He suggested setting aside a meeting to discuss some sort of plan for the future direction of the Society, rather than having it remain a mainly reactive body.  He thought the Society would benefit from having some overarching ambition or direction.  There was some discussion on whether, in the absence of any administrative staff and given that the majority of the members were volunteers interested only in their own specific enthusiasms, the Society had the capacity to follow through on any plan.  It was agreed to set aside the January meeting to discuss the issue.


(r) Merchandise:  After discussion, it was agreed that Don would email Colville Petty requesting that the Heritage Museum consider selling on commission the Christmas Cards and T-shirts of the Society.  It was also agreed that Steve would submit an quarter page advertisement about the Christmas Cards to The Anguillian Newspaper.


(s) Government House Fair:  This will be occurring relatively soon. It was agreed that the Society would not seek involvement.


(t) Oral History Project:  Not dealt with.























7.  Any Other Business – No other business


8. Date of next meeting and adjournment

(a) Next Board Meeting to be on Tuesday 1 December at 4:15 pm at the same place. 

(b) The meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm



Submitted:  Don Mitchell



To AAHS Board Members,

The following is a summary of the meeting between Stakeholders of the Heritage Trail held this afternoon [22 October 2009] at 2PM at the Tourism Board's Conference Room:  Steve, Aileen, and Joash were there from AAHS.  I believe Steve has also sent a summary to everyone...

Those present included
1. Gilda Gumbs-Samuel
2. Bart Van Deventer
3. Merlyn Rogers
4. Aileen Smith
5. Sarah Harrison
6. Marguerite Bryan
7. Ann Dawson
8. Graham Dawson
9. Gina Brooks
10. John A Gumbs
11. Veronica Gumbs
12. Stephen Donahue
13. Farah Mukhida
14. Joash Proctor
15. Lilli Azevedo

Lillian Azevedo began the meeting by introducing her work on Anguilla including her research on the Island's maritime heritage and her ongoing efforts to raise the profile of Anguilla's Archaeology and Heritage.

She gave a fifteen minute introduction to Heritage Trails in the Caribbean and the concept of a Heritage Trail on Anguilla, much of which had been developed by AAHS in the past.  She put forward a rough budget which included the initial design and construction of 12 signs and accompanying brochure (US$3400).

Gina Brooks added that her family was in the process of designing and erecting a sign at the Old Court House and said that she would be more than willing to adjust the design to fall within the Trail's standard design.

Steve Donahue added that AAHS had previously approved the trail and suggested the creation of 2-3 signs with funds from the AAHS as the next step.

Criteria for the selection of sites was discussed including

1. Have a reasonably verifiable identity and history
2. Have recognizable features
3. Be robust enough to withstand sustained visitation without
compromising archaeological integrity
4. Be accessible to the public
5. Have safe visitation conditions

Lilli Azevedo said she would send out a list of sites to the stakeholders and add any recommendations submitted to her by 30/10/2009.  Anyone then wishing to vote on their top 15 sites could do so between then and 7/11/2009.  The top 12 sites will then be selected for signage (providing they match the criteria above).

The next step will be to approach the owners of the land/sites to be marked and insure that the signs' locations are approved.

Funding possibilities were discussed including the individual and corporate sponsorship of sites.  Joash Proctor stressed the importance of including a plan and budget for the trail's upkeep and repair. Merlyn Rogers added that the ATB may be willing to help with this.

Ideas for the trail's logo were discussed including the possibility of encouraging children in the island's primary schools to submit designs.

If anything else was discussed which has been omitted, please feel free to comment.  Also, if I have misrepresented what was said in any way, please let me know.  If you wish to be added to this list and kept informed of future developments, please contact me at 772-3495 or via this email address (

Thank-you, again!

Lilli Azevedo



I would like to take this opportunity to clarify exactly where the
Heritage Trail stands so everyone is on the same page for the meeting
on the 3rd.

Funding: The governor's office has agreed to support the project with
$3400 but has not set a date that we need to use the money.  I have
suggested the project may be completed by February 2010 but this is
just my opinion.  This money does not include plans for the upkeep of
the trail or small signs.  Both these good ideas were brought up after
I submitted the proposal for comment (again, I did not expect
immediate approval).

Committee:  The idea of a committee is good, but no decision as to
membership has been made.  In my last email, I suggested that the
membership ought to represent as many different groups as possible
(ANT, AAHS, ATB, AHTA).  I am waiting until after the meeting to
decide how best to proceed.

Planned Meeting between stakeholders:  No date has been set.

Sign Construction: I am waiting to speak with Ron until after I hear
from the AAHS.  I have also written to Nigel Sadler (TCI) who has put
me in touch with the sign makers who successfully produced the signs
for the Cayman Island Heritage Trail.  I have explained to them that
we would like to keep the production local but would be very grateful
for any advice they might have.

NGO Involvement: No decision has been reached by ANT, AAHS, ATB, or
AHTA to my knowledge.

Proposed Next Steps: The steps needed to be taken include:

1. NGO Involvement with at least one, preferably more groups (AAHS,
2. Thank-you to the Governor for initial support
3. Committee formed (meeting arranged through email, advertised, and date set)
4. Sign logistics including words, size, colour, etc., decision made
as to type/size of brochure (free or sold)
5. Logo design (included trips into schools to promote island's heritage)
6. Sites selected, Support and Communication with affected businesses,
property owners, etc.
7. Logo Selected
8. 2 or 3 preliminary signs created
9. Design vetted and alterations made
10. Funding raised for directional signs and yearly maintenance
11. Trail advertisement: Forums, ATB, Hotels, etc.
12. Remainder of signs Printed
13. Pamphlets/Brochures Printed
14. Signs erected
15. Opening Ceremony
Lillian Azevedo, Maritime Archaeologist
University of Southampton, PhD Candidate
+1 (264) 772-3495 (Anguilla)