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Boston Post-Bay (Boston, Mass) 5 August 1745

Philadelphia, July 25

                                           Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman in Anguilla, to his Friend
                                                               in St. Kitt, dated May 24, 1745

“On the 21st Instant, early in the Morning, we were sur-

prised by a Fleet of French, consisting of two Men of War, one

of 36 Guns, the other of 32, with 3 Privateers, and two Dutch

Vessels, as Tenders. They had undiscovered put on Shore 759

Men, at a place call’d Rendezvous Bay: The Success in Landing

was a great Encouragement to them, and a great Discouragement

to us; our who c  Force being 97 Men only. These our Lieut.

Governor Arthur Hodge, formed into three Divisions, and

posted them in a very narrow Path [by which the French were

to pass] secured with Breast-works, the first of which would con-

tain but 22 Men, commanded by Capt Richardson; these en-

gaged the Enemy, firing by Platoons regularly, and with so true

in Aim, that every shot took place and the French fell so fast,

that in less than ten Minutes they loss Courage, and fled with

Precipitation, having in this short Action at least 100 Men killed

and wounded, an drowned in getting into their Boats. We ex-

pected a fresh Onset the next Day, but it seems they (unreadable)

of it, for they went quietly. We have buried 35 (unreadable)

Dead, and are daily in search of such, as have hid themselves (Unreadable)

the Bushes, or died there of their Wounds, which latter we be-

lieve, by the Stench to be many, but can give no certain Account

of them, nor of the drowned. Among the dead are the second

Capt. of the Commodore (Monsieur LeTouch) the first Lieutenant

of the other Ship; Capt. Rolough, an old Privateer; Benar their

Pilot who married his Wife of this Island; the Governor of St.

Baatholomew’s Son, and several other Officers; The Commo-

dore himself was wounded in his Arm and Thigh so much, that

they were obliged to carry him on board, as they did 25 others.

Some of these Particulars we learn by some Prisoners set on Shore

by a Flag of Truce sent by the Commodore. They had landed

several Hand Grenadoe Shells, Swivel Guns fixed on Triangles,

Beef, Cheese, Bread and Wine; The four  last Articles were

Good Plunder for our Negroes. Every dead Man had in his

Pockets, Nettles, or small Lines for pinioning our Negroes. We

had not one Man hurt, and have got by this Expedition, besides

two Pair of their Colours, a great many fine Buccaneer Guns,

Cartouchboxes, & c. which they left behind, and with which we

intend to arm our most truly and sensible Negroes, to strengthen

our Island.

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